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To post a job listing with the YWCA, please email WorkSource program manager, Abou Ali.







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instructor's notebook: YWCA Computer Instructor, Stacey Wedlake writes about tips and tricks for improving your job search skills.

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WorkSource Downtown Hiring Event: 7/29 10am - 2pm

It's time for another hiring event at WorkSource Downtown!

On 7/29 from 10 - 2pm, hundreds of positions in Manufacturing, Transportation & Material Handling, Food Service/ Hospitality, and Customer Service will be featured from these employers:

  • Aerotek
  • Care Force
  • Health Care SErvices
  • Home Instead
  • Loews
  • PayChex
  • Port of Seattle
  • ResCare Home Care
  • Safeway
  • Seattle Children's Hospital
  • University of Washington
  • Walsh Construction
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Whole Foods

As with any hiring event or job fair, avoid coming at the end of the the event. Often employers leave early which means you miss out!

To attend, call or sign up at the WorkSource Affiliate Downtown Seattle front desk 206-436-8600.

Read the Directions
Not reading the directions can cause you some headaches. Maybe it takes you a little longer to put together those book shelves, but really, it's not a big deal. However, you should always read directions on a job posting. This Dear Abby letter posted on "The Write Solution" demonstrates how important it is to follow directions:
Of the 133 resumes we received, 76 did not contain the information that was requested. These applications were moved to an “Incomplete” file and not considered for hire. What’s sad is that judging by their resumes alone, several of these applicants had the qualifications we were looking for.

If you don't follow the directions posted on the job posting, how does the employer know if you will follow directions at work? Before you apply for that job, make a list of all of the information the employer wants, before you click send, go through the checklist. It takes a little more time, but you will make sure you followed directions.

Marketplace Covers the Job Search

This weekend American Public Media's Marketplace covered unemployment and job search.

The show covered topics in which many job seekers can relate:

Older workers can't get into the job market

Unemployment doesn't discriminate

Resume review and revamp  


 You can click here to listen to the entire show.

It's a tough economy out there, you don't have to do it alone. Check out all of YWCA's Employment Services. 

Yes, I'm overqualified, but I want this job!

You're going to a job interview, and you are nervous. You know you are overqualified and don't know how to convinence the interviewer.

In this is a very common situation for job seekers to find themselves in during a recession. It can be a difficult to navigate; employers worry that overqualified candidates will leave as soon as the economy improves.

This advice on Ask Metafilter as some great advice on what to do when you are overqualified:


Try to turn the interview into what you can bring to them without overselling yourself. Ask them what their biggest needs are. Point out that since you won't need to be trained in the job, there will be a negligable learning curve, so you'll be contributing immediately, and able to add value in the area where they have needs.

Read the whole discussion here.
LinkedIn: A Guide

You've probably heard about LinkedIn. You know, the facebook for professionals. You may even have joined, or maybe you haven't been convienced yet. Now is the time to make LinkedIn work for you! According to a 2009 study, 75% of recruitment and HR professionals research candidates on LinkedIn.

Feeling a little overwhemed with it all?

Read BNET's How To Get Started with LinkedIn.

Already have a profile? Wonder if it is any good?

Check out this LinkedIn profile makeover to pick up some tips.

Got all of that? Have you joined any groups? Groups are a great way to connect with other job seekers and employers.

Here are 20 LinkedIn Groups for job seekers.

Washington's Working Women 2010: Progress stalled without new policies

The YWCA contributed to this report by the Economic Opportunity Institute. It highlights the importance of women's work to family economic survival - but also the gulf that still separates women's earnings from men's and the need for new policies that promote healthy workplaces and healthy families.

The report identifies workplace policies that are "mired  in mid-20th century assumptions are the biggest impediment for women's economic advancement." 

What can you do? Keep up with YWCA's Public Policy Alerts to support change and progress that helps Washington families.

Click here to read the report online.

Update Your Job Search Skills with Free Workshops!

WorkSource: Downtown Seattle's June schedule is up!

You shouldn't have to job search alone. Attending workshops and receiving assistance can make your search less isolating.

Need someone to give you feedback on your resume? Come to Resume Clinic.

Need to network and get insperation from other female job seekers? Come to Career Circle.

For more information click here for WorkSource Downtown Seattle's June schedule.


The only three online job search sites you really need

State of Washington's official site for online employment services. Find a job, get job search help, locate workforce services in your area, access career information and more.

Online classified advertisements with a large job posting section. 

A search engine for jobs. Indeed searches job boards and company websites for jobs and links to them.

But you should also –

 Go directly to the website of companies you want to work for and check for job openings.

Jobbernaut Career Fair - Seattle April 28th

When: Wed. April 28th 11AM - 3PM

Where: Qwest Field inside "West VIP Club Level": 800 Occidental Ave S

Jobs Available: Entry level, Part-Time, Management Trainee, technical, and professional full-time positions. See a complete list of employers and get more information by clicking here.

Before you go: Read WorkSource's Job and Career Fair's guide here.

Changes to Privacy on Facebook

Whether you are job searching or not, it is important to maintain your online reputation. Many of us now have Facebook profiles that share a large amount of personal information with our family and friends. However, if you are not careful with Facebook's new privacy settings, you may be sharing information with strangers (and potential employers).

Check out this article from on how to keep your information private on Facebook by controlling the new conections feature and limiting the use of apps.

Quick Resume Tip

Here at WorkSource Downtown, we are revamping our Resume and Coverletter workshop. During our brainstorming, one of our partners (a former HR manager) gave this great piece of advice:

"Show personality and values.  Candidates forget too often, but they are Not just applying for a dollar amount written on a sheet of paper - They must show that they can be a part of a unique work dynamic with its own personality."


Two Frequently Asked Questions from Filling Out Online Applications

Why does the application ask for my race, gender etc? Isn’t this illegal?

These questions are part of a voluntary survey for the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEO). The employer collects this data and stores it separately from the rest of your application. Employers then submit this data to the Equal Opportunity Commission.

For more information:

Why is the application asking about my status receiving TANF, Food Stamps, SSI, Veteran Status? Why does the employer need to know?

 These questions are related to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This is “a Federal tax credit incentive that the Congress provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from twelve target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.”

Sometimes employers include questions related to the WOTC on an application. Answering these questions is optional. However, because the employer gets an incentive for hiring someone from a target group, a qualified candidate that falls into one of these groups can be helped by answering the questions.

For more information:

10 Tips for Great Emails

We communicate more and more through email. However, many of us could write more effective emails.

  1. Write a meaningful subject line.
  2. Keep the message focused and readable. 
  3. Avoid attachments. 
  4. Identify yourself clearly. 
  5. Be kind -- don't flame.
  6. Proofread. 
  7. Don't assume privacy.
  8. Distinguish between formal and informal situations. 
  9. Respond Promptly.
  10. Show Respect and Restraint.

It was orginally written in 2000, but it still holds true today. As you send emails to potiental employers and networking contacts, make sure your pratice these tips.

Accessing the Computer

Practice makes perfect, but that can be frustrating if you don’t have a computer.


YWCA has Career Centers and Job Banks that have computer access.


The City of Seattle has a Find a Community Tech Center by location search. Some centers have specialized classes and some just have Open Lab time. Call before you go to make sure the information on the website is current and correct.

Of course, Seattle Public Libraries and King County Library System has computers and classes available for library card holders. The Seattle Central Library even computers reserved for job seekers.

WorkSource offices also have computers set aside for job seekers and staff that can assist you if needed. Locations exist all across Seattle and King County.

Do you know your WPM?

From filling out job applications to creating your prefect resume, being able to type quickly and accurately makes life easier.

Also, if you are looking for adminstrative or clerical work, your Words Per Minute (WPM) typing speed should be displayed on your resume. Don't know your WPM? You can test yourself and find out!

Here are some great (free!) typing websites to practice and improve your typing speed: - At this site you can take a typing test or start from the beginning a take a full typing course. If you register, the site will keep track of your learning, and you can work a little each day. - Need to just to practice? Klava spits out paragraphs from books and you type. - You race people through typing! The fastest, most accurate typer wins the race.

Mind Reading
Don’t you wish you could read the mind of HR and recruiters?

A survey from the Society of Human Resources Management reveals some insight into how HR and other hiring managers feel.

Page 5:If a job candidate exhibited the following behaviors/characteristics during the job application process, how detrimental would these behaviors/characteristics be to getting the job?”

-          67% said “dressing too provocatively” is a major problem/deal breaker

-          58% said “typos/grammatical errors in cover letter or resume” is a major problem/deal breaker

-          58% said “being late for the interview” is a major problem/deal breaker

-          49% said “talking negatively about a previous supervisor” is a major problem/deal breaker

Page 16:Which of these classic pieces of job-seeking advice do you think is irrelevant today?

-          47% said “listing an objective at the top of one’s resume.”

Click here to look at the rest of the survey.

Of course, the standards and accepted practices of your industry may differ, but this will give you an idea what is going through the mind of the person on the other side of the table.

Great Video Find

Last week I discovered a great series of videos produced by a local Seattle company called Common Craft. Common Craft brakes down BIG IDEAS and presents those ideas in “Plain English.”

You can watch the videos for free on YouTube. Because the videos have sound, make sure you have speakers or headphones. I recommend starting with Software In Plain English, Word Wide Web in Plain English, and Web Search Strategies in Plain English, and Phishing Scams in Plain English

If you like the videos enough to use as part of trainings or your company’s website, you can purchase licenses at

Protect Yourself from Scams on Job Boards

Everyone needs to be aware of scams, online and offline, but with a high unemployment rate, many scammers are targetting job seekers. Most job seekers encounter scams on online job boards like Craigslist.

How do I know if a job advertisement is a scam?

Most job ad scams contain one or more of the following

  • A request to wire money
  • People or companies residing out of states or overseas
  • Promise of payment before completion of the job
  • Spelling / Grammar mistakes
  • Lots of money promised for little work

An employer is not listed! Is this a scam?

Many people are suspicious of “blind” job advertisements, or job advertisements that do not list an employer. Although you still should be cautious, many legitimate employers place blind ads due to the high volume of job seekers. With hundreds of people applying for one position, some employers do not want job seekers calling or coming to their office.

I'm worried about scams. Should I just not use online job boards? Or should I just stay away from Craigslist?

No! There are many excellent jobs posted by legimate employers on job boards like Craigslist. If you crtically examine job advertisements and correspondance with the employer, you'll be fine. Remember this cliche -

If it is too good to be true, it probably is!

More information:

Craigslist's advice on protection from scams

Careerbuilder's scam protction advice with real examples of scams